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We hero the last real hunted food on the planet, and we should as people risk their lives every day to find it and bring it home to us. We only use the best sustainable MSC Certified Cod and Haddock Loins as this ensures the next generation will be able to enjoy this amazing product. We recently attained our MSC certification to ensure traceability back through the supply chain. This guarantees we only purchase from sustainable well managed fisheries. 


Our fish is frozen at sea which means it is caught, filleted and frozen within 6 hours. That effectively stops the clock until we take it out of the freezer and allow it to gently defrost. This means that your fish is less than 24 hours old when it reaches the fryer and much fresher than wet landed catches. This way we can ensure quality and freshness of our product.


   We use Palm oil in our cooking. Its sustainable, protects native animals habitats and does not use cleared rainforests. It is also low in cholesterol and tastes fabulous !


            We have virtually removed all of the single use plastics from our business. Our boxes are either corrugated cardboard or

bio-degradable containers for customers eating on the go. Our forks are made from Beech wood as opposed to plastic which is another major reduction of single use plastic in our business. We certainly can’t save the planet from Aukley but we certainly can play our part however small that is.


As a matter of course all our waste packaging (cardboard, paper, plastics and glass) is collected by the local authority for recycling. Further to that all our waste palm oil is pumped into waste barrels and is collected by a registered trade waste agent. The oil is then made into biodiesel. 

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