We hero the last real hunted food on the planet, and we should as people risk their lives every day to find it and bring it home to us. We only use the highest grade sustainable MSC Certified Cod and Haddock Fillets as this ensures the next generation will be able to enjoy this amazing product. We hold MSC certification to ensure traceability back through the supply chain. This guarantees we only purchase from sustainable well managed fisheries.

Our fish is frozen at sea which means it is caught, filleted and frozen within 6 hours. That effectively stops the clock until we take it out of the freezer and allow it to gently defrost in our dedicated thaw cabinet. This means that your fish is less than 24 hours old when it reaches the fryer and much fresher than wet landed catches. This way we can ensure quality and freshness of our product.

We use only RSPO sustainable Palm oil in our cooking. RSPO are not just about the oil, although they ensure the protection of native animals habitats and no clearing of rainforests. They also utilise natural pest control techniques. RSPO also about benefitting the environment and protecting the growers. RSPO estimates that there are at least 7 million smallholders, usually just simple households, that earn a living (fully or partially) from oil palm worldwide, with 3.1 million of those in Africa. Healthcare and protected rights are now a reality.

It is also low in cholesterol and tastes fabulous !

We virtually removed all of the single use plastics from our business back in 2020. Our boxes are either corrugated cardboard or bio-degradable containers for customers eating on the go. Our forks are made from Beech wood, due to new legislation we can no longer offer plastic forks as an alternative . We certainly can’t save the planet from Auckley but we certainly can play our part however small that is.

As a matter of course all our waste packaging (cardboard, paper, plastics and glass) is collected for recycling. Further to that all our waste palm oil is collected and then made into biodiesel.

We recently partnered with Re-Food to prevent our food waste going to landfill. All the food we throw away from fish prep, to scraps and the oddments left at the end of the shift all are sent to re-food. They render them down using a biodigester producing fertilser that goes back to growing our potatoes and the methane produced is used to produce power. We have managed to close a very big loop in our waste. The upshot being that we are preventing around 100kg of waste entering landfill every week, which is astounding.

We have a Click & Collect ordering system. Just place and pay for your order (using the link above or button on the home page) and come to the front of the queue at your chosen order time. Please note that we no longer take telephone orders.

Please be aware of our Terms and Conditions when placing your order:
Terms and Conditions
  1. Please ensure you check your time and date of collection. If no time is selected it will automatically allocate you the next available slot. Our system uses a 24-hour clock.
  2. If there any mistakes in collection time you must inform us 20 minutes before the time of collection.
  3. We cannot amend any orders after they have been paid for, we can reschedule given sufficient notice via telephone.
  4. On collecting your food, please ensure you are collecting the correct order.
  5. Once food is cooked we are unable to change the time of collection, re-cook the food or provide refunds.
We are looking at the viability of delivery, but with the current costs this is not possible at the moment.

Absolutely, we have provided large orders for  many community events and functions.

Just drop me an email on the contact form, ring the shop or call in to discuss further.
Yes, we have vouchers to the value of £10 available.

We made the decision to skip all the little local awards and shoot for the top. The industry have two national award schemes. Those are the Fry Magazine 50 and the National Fish and Chip Awards. The Fry 50 are based on two unannounced mystery shopper visits to the shop and the scores are averaged. You have to get over 98% to get in and we managed 100% on both visits over the last two years. This is a paid to enter competition.

The big one is the National Fish and Chip Awards. This is free to enter but is a multi round Top 40, Top 20 and Top 10. Its involved, its stressful and its fairly grueling as it pushes you completely out of your comfort zone. The final Top 10 meet in London in late February to find out who is 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

In 2023 we were placed in the Top 10 of all fish and chips shops in the uk, which we are incredibly proud of.